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Have you ever thought about getting an internship at Grapefruit, but didn’t know how? In this article, I am going to tell you what method I used to get this internship and how I feel about the whole experience.

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How did I manage to get this Digital Marketing Internship?

First off, let me tell you that the old-fashioned websites and forums that have been on the Internet since the beginning of time are not as useful as you might think. I do not want to bad-mouth anyone, but in my case, I could not find a single useful thing by using them.

So, what did I do? First of all, I signed up for the ‘ATELIERE’ event where companies held trainings in the marketing field. After attending a workshop held by Grapefruit I found my company. Next I shared my plans with my parents and they gave me a helpful nudge. Through their network they managed to find the address of the HR person and the Managing Director, but the rest was up to me. It was frightening, but I managed to send an email and get an interview. The interview was short, direct and to the point. I felt at ease when I found out that starting Monday I will be coming to the office. Success!!

My first conclusion is that a precise goal, a good network and sharing your future plans helps a lot. You have to struggle a bit and even get out of your comfort zone but it’s worth it.

How did the digital marketing internship go and what did I learn?

The very first time I came to Grapefruit, I felt a bit intimidated and even perplexed, as everyone seemed to be really engaged in what they were doing. However, I had a small talk with some employees about what I was aiming for through this internship. At the end of the conversation I was given a book called Business Model Generation, which I was supposed to read within a week.

The following Monday, after gaining a little bit of knowledge in the field, I was back in the office, ready to start the actual internship. The people at Grapefruit allowed me to be a part of the Digital Strategy Department for two weeks and that’s where I learned most of the things. As a mere high school student, I was grateful for their will to teach me all sort of things related to businesses and promotional campaigns. During the first week I realized that you must strive if you want to keep climbing the career ladder. I was amazed at how satisfying it was to complete tasks and to feel and see the actual progress.

I am now in the middle of my second week here and I am working on a promotional campaign. I am using only the knowledge I gained during the first week through the Digital Workshop Certificate. What I enjoy the most at Grapefruit is the freedom to be creative, to ask as many questions as you want and to work in your own rhythm. Besides all the technical tasks that I have, I also get some insights into the field of digital consultancy and into an agency’s environment.

How is Grapefruit seen through the eyes of an intern?

I have always admired this agency, but I had a clear stereotype in my mind when thinking about the employees and the atmosphere inside Grapefruit. To be honest, I was expecting to meet and work with overly stressed and serious people who do not really interact with each other. Luckily, everyone in the company is very friendly, open and full of life, but at the same time incredibly hardworking. What I enjoy the most is the very relaxed environment and the way the team communicates and gets the job done. They enjoy getting challenging tasks where innovation and creativity are the main focus.

After I got to know them a little better, I realized that they are also extremely warm-hearted. Grapefruit is like a second home for them and when they hire someone, they welcome that certain person with their arms wide open. The fact that they are not only co-workers, but also friends, and they manage to complete tasks as if they are only one single entity is simply amazing. They are all very passionate, ambitious and dedicated and I would love to find such wonderful individuals at any of my future jobs.

To wrap it up, I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone to get an internship at a company in the field they like. Such an amazing experience might only show up once or twice in a lifetime. If it doesn’t, you can always try to make it happen yourself. Also, when you become an intern make the most out of it. Ask questions, talk with people about their jobs and don’t forget to do your best at the tasks you are given.

If you are planning to get an internship at Grapefruit here’s my nudge for you. You can send your CV at and put in the subject line “Internship | The targeted department | Your Name”. There are no internships open at the moment but they have a database and they will contact you as soon they have a free position. May the odds be ever in your favour.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

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