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How we recruited our newest intern

We reignited our internship opportunity and tried something different. Find out how we made the mini game and discover the results.

The concept

It has been a while since our last design internship, so we readied ourselves to publish the announcement. But then it hit uswhy not make it more special this time? So this is how it beganwe started with a simple 8bit classic promotional poster combined with a RPG style copy. And then it hit us again. Why not animate it? So we did, starting with the clouds and moving to the character. And finally it hit us one last timewhy not transform it into an actual mini-game? Bazinga!

Our very own internship mini-game announcement.
Our very own internship mini-game announcement

The character

We needed a hero for our story, so we created an 8bit figure inspired by classic arcade game characters such as Mario or Mega-Man. We animated it, added sounds for movement and added a crayon sword as a finishing touch.

Character variations
Character variations

The setting

For the landscape to match the character’s traits, we designed pixel by pixel the whole environment. We are not kiddingusing the grid we painted each pixel, snapped it and filled up the space (thousands of layers were used). Finally we added background 8bit music to be even more emerged.


The gameplay

The gameplay is straight forwardyou have to reach the House of Grapefruit Iasi (inspired by our actual locationworking in an attic). Move left, right, jump or hit. Reaching the house isn’t simple as one may thinkwe kept the glitches to add even more 8bit depth.

The tech

The game was built from scratch using HTML, CSS, Javascript (no game engines/frameworks… for now) and it’s responsiveas the window resizes the gameplay remains intact (expect for mobile phone sizes when the elements switch to a static statelooking like as a background image poster as we initially planned).

The Easter Egg

We had fun building this mini game, so in order to provide closure we included a secret message the players can discover once they arrived at the house’s door. Did you discover it?

Hidden message.
The hidden message

The candidates

We selected the candidates that had both CVs and portfolios attached. All those selected were interviewed so we could know them and discover who’s actually behind the CV. Questions varied from “when was the last time you lied” to “what TV Series do you watch”.

The test

We simply couldn’t just interview candidates without testing them a little. Each of them received a test (creating an iPad app interface), but with a catch: each test was customized based on the discussions we had earlier. This way we made sure the test was both challenging and appealing to the candidate.

The result

One candidate stood above all and that candidate is Adelina. Her take on the project brighten up the whole office and she managed to create something truly captivating. She had to design and imagine new features for an iPad app where you can create your own toys and then publish them on an in-app store for others to buy them. But enough chit-chat, have a look for yourselves:

What’s next

Adelina is enjoying each day at our office smothered with new knowledge and skills. She already got involved in her first real client project and she’s eager to tackle the next challenge. As for the mini-game, well, we have different plans for it, so stay tuned.

If you like our work and have an interesting digital project send us a message and let’s get in touch.

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