Principles of Grapefruit, Tested and Bug-free

With the right mix of values and principles, any company can evolve and achieve sustainable growth.

Grapefruit is turning 20 this year, after a long period of hard work, great projects, and extraordinary people. To celebrate this achievement we decided to share with you 20 internal principles that made Grapefruit the digital agency it is today. These are the ones that helped us think big, work with passion and achieve great results. 

  1. Stepping out of our comfort zone. Yes, we agree that our comfort zone is a place that keeps us safe from danger. But magic never happens in your comfort zone, neither do results. One will never know his true value without stepping out of that comfort zone once in a while.
  2. We perform. We are always trying to improve and find new ways to solve our customers’ needs. So, what we are going to do tomorrow, will be even better than what we did today.
  3. Team of A-players. An A-player is a top performer employee, one with a champion mindset. Someone that would do whatever it takes to be the best in their domain. We are always looking for these type of people, as we all aspire to become the best versions of ourselves.
  4. We learn from our mistakes. As humans, it’s only natural to make mistakes once in a while, we are embracing failure, but we never accept it as it is. We fail, we learn from it but next time we are going to do better.
  5. We may be born alone (with small exceptions), but we do not work alone. Our employees work together every day in delivering the best results. Every product we deliver has a piece of passion from every employee, and we are proud of it!
  6. More than expected. Being one of the best in our field, we have always tried to deliver more than our clients expect. We are aware that our domain isn’t the same as our clients’. That’s why we are always trying to work along with them to provide the best results, that would match their needs.
  7. Proactive Communication. We are always open to any ideas, issues, problems or questions. Everything we do requires some type of feedback: provided or received. We see constructive criticism as a way to improve ourselves. But only if it comes backed-up with an objective approach and rational opinions.
  8. When we say “yes” and promise something, we are assuming responsibility. We do whatever it needs to keep our promises to our clients. Also, we do not promise if we are not 100% it’s the best option. We analyze and think before acting or saying anything. 
  9. Everything we do has passion and meaning for us. We do not work for work’s sake, but we love what we do, that is why we are trying to improve every day. We love what we do, that’s why we are always trying to be the best in our field.
  10. We treat everybody as we would like to be treated. We are fair in any circumstance with each person involved. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, we respect others and expect the same from them. 
  11. We are simple. We state things as clear and as simple as possible. We try our best to avoid technical words and complicated explanations. We want our clients to understand our solution, not to confuse them. If something is not understood, it is our fault for not explaining it.
  12. Lasting relationships. We do believe in healthy long-lasting relationships with our clients. That is why we select our clients with care and we make sure they are happy with our work.
  13. We work 80/20. That means 20% of our efforts create 80% of our results, to be efficient and cost-effective. This creates value, makes us agile, keeps costs down and profits high. Delivery is more important than perfection. This is what “working smart” means.
  14. “Done” means ready to use, bug-free, and accepted by our client. We have testers but it’s the whole team’s responsibility to ensure that it is indeed done. This is how we increase the quality of our work.
  15. We do not take part in pitches or tenders without clear and objective evaluation criteria. We respect our work and knowledge. We sell by having meaningful relationships with potential clients and doing exquisite work.
  16. We don’t believe in money as a motivational factor. Instead, we believe that we work with passion and that passion can be rewarded fairly at the end of the year. We re-invest part of the profit in benefits for employees as a token of appreciation for their hard work.
  17. People, not Jobs. We go by the idea that people didn’t reach their full potential until they have tried everything. Thus, we are always open, and we encourage professional reorientation within the company.
  18. We listen. We do not assume needs instantly. Instead, we listen carefully to what our client says and we analyze thoroughly the ups and downs. This way, we will find the best solution that will make our clients feel happy and heard.
  19. Money, client’s or company’s, is not Monopoly money. We try our best to use it wisely to increase profitability. We track financials for each project. We try to understand what makes it a successful and profitable business on both parts.
  20. We find the simplest solutions which create customer and business value. We focus on results, brought by well-thought processes. We believe that customers’ needs are just as important as companies’ wants. That is what always helped us create exquisite user experiences. 

Now you know the secret to our success and stability. We have been striving to be the best in our field, to be fair and to put all our passion and meaning into our products and services.


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