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We are extending the Digital Product Development Team

In Iasi

Front-end Developer

Job Description

Primary purpose of this position is to develop client-side interface (that is, both look & feel) for web applications and digital communication projects. You will work (or play, depending on your perspective) in our cosy office in Copou, Iasi (right next to Casa Pogor), with no or very limited travel required.


• You will develop client-side interfaces using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You will be able to develop alternative solutions to various programming and integration problems and to evaluate them in collaboration with the development team.
• You will collaborate with other members of your digital development team (back-end developers, content managers) as well as designers for delivering great products/projects.
• Sometimes you will collaborate with team members of other companies for integrating our products with third party systems (e.g. Internet banking systems, etc.).
• Not lastly, you will have to have fun… it’s a job requirement!


Knowledge and qualifications
• We expect you to have at least 3 years of experience in front-end programming using web-related technologies;
• You must have excellent knowledge of JavaScript, XML, XHTML & HTML5 and the Document Object Model, CSS2/3, the CSS2 box model and inheritance. You should have a common feel about using CSS classes and IDs not only for presentational but also behavioral specifications and to be able to debug layouts and scripts (strong knowledge of cross-browser issues & fixes);
• You should be comfortable with front-end domain related to mobile/touch devices and responsive layouts;
• You must have a thorough understanding of Internet communication protocols like HTTP and the request-response work flow (especially forms);
• You should have at least working knowledge of English (reading/writing);

Skills and abilities

• pro-active attitude, eagerness to learn new things and availability to share knowledge with your colleagues are mandatory;
• solid problem solving skills and the ability to face new challenges that require creative approaches;
• the ability to work well in a team environment along with the desire to permanently learn new subjects;
• good personal communication skills, thoroughness and self-organization abilities;
• the capacity to meet deadlines while being a responsible, accountable and adaptable person.

About us

We are the company that pioneered the digital marketing field in Romania and we continue to develop complex projects for major brands having a high-level of technical requirements (from security & privacy to multisystem integration across large organizations).

Our highly-skilled and experienced digital team that has developed some of the strongest online brands in Romania over the past 11 years. From our offices in Iasi and Bucharest we helped more than 200 clients in 13 countries on 4 continents, including (in Romania) Connex (now Vodafone), Banca Transilvania, Automobile Dacia, E.ON, Heidi, ING Bank, Labormed, Lafarge, NNDKP, OTP Bank, Pepsi Americas, Petrom, Renault, Ţuca Zbârcea și Asociații, UPC.

This position isn’t available at the moment. If you are interested in this position and if you think you fit the job description, send us your CV at anca.teletin@grapefruit.ro. We will keep you in the database and notify you once it will become available. 


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