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Facebook interactions become private

At first sight, it looks like it’s going to be hard for big brands to penetrate the user’s virtual living room. But the truth is that this opens new opportunities that will improve conversion rate. Let’s see how that could be done.

"I believe the future is private" - Mark Zuckerberg
“I believe the future is private” – Mark Zuckerberg

They read the data – Facebook Groups

As you remember, there was an update a while back that limited the user’s newsfeed for brands, while it prioritized personal and group notifications. This lead to a huge increase in group usage, because people were being served topics that were relevant to them, from groups they already opted in. So, they saw the potential of private interactions. But they had to fix a few things first.

Huge increase in group usage
Huge increase in group usage

Facebook’s newest principles

With all the trouble that Facebook has gone through lately, the public needs to be reassured their data is safe. So, their newest platform will follow 6 new principles:  

  1. Private interactions, with simple, intimate spaces where you have clear control over who you’re communicating with.  
  2. Reduced data permanence, so you can keep the messages and stories for as long as you desire
  3. Encryption, so not even Facebook can see what you share in your conversations, unless you want to share it.
  4. Safety, Zuckerberg promised to do everything in their power to keep your information safe
  5. Interoperability, you can communicate across all facebook familly of apps and platforms
  6. Secure Data Storage, Facebook won’t store sensitive data in countries that it might be improperly accessed and misused
    6 new principles
    6 new principles

Name of the game: Privacy and Safety

It’s quite clear that this is what the blue giant is reinforcing: a home-like environment, in which the user will feel safe to spend as much time as possible and share their most private data, without worrying of a “Big Brother” watching their every move.

Privacy and Safety
Privacy and Safety

What this means for big companies

In this new “virtual living room” that Facebook is creating, people will only be exposed to relevant pieces of information. This will make it easier for companies to target the audiences they’re interested in. Users will also have all the tools to make seamless and easy purchases: they will be able to do in-app acquisitions from stores, share products to friends with the click of a button, send money using the new money transfer technology Facebook is testing and much more.

Facebook makes users feel "at home"
Facebook will make users feel “at home”

Virtual living room? More like virtual shopping center 

What Facebook is really creating is a medium in which you will spend most of your time, since it’s interoperable between platforms. You have all these financial operations at hand, with incredible ease of access and, the most important aspect of all, it’s going to convert much better because of the virtual word of mouth encouraged by the platform, by connecting you with your friends and others  that share your interests.

Ease of use and trust increases conversions for advertised products

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