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#digitalthoughts — Explore your digital underdogs

Today a lot of digital strategies include Social Media, SEM, Email Automation, a nice website and a decent app. These channels have passed the test of time and ROI.

Digital Thoughts

Everybody wants to use these channels in their digital strategy, including you. This means that you are marketing your product in a crowded environment.

People tend to forget that in the past these marketing channels were at their beginning. The big players of the PRESENT were the underdogs of the PAST. Now that you remembered this let’s get down to business.

Make a list of emerging digital channels that you DO NOT USE right now. The reasons for not using them might vary:

  • the audience is too small;
  • my customers are not using them;
  • it’s too advanced for our needs.

Now try to jump a few years in the future. Imagine how your business and those channels will evolve.

  1. Will the audience remain small in the future? Is this channel growing or stagnating right now?
  2. Do you have any early adopters in your customer base? Are they using that digital channel?
  3. It’s too advanced or complicated? Explore the market. Chances are there’s already a startup that offers a  solution to your problem. They’re still in the beginning but give them a chance. They are Underdogs too.

Underdogs of today will be the big players of tomorrow. You could wait for them to grow, but when the tipping point of exponential growth occurs, who do you think will profit the most? I bet my money on the companies that saw the emerging digital channels, grew along with the underdogs and predicted their success.

Who is your digital underdog? What is your marketing plan for the future?


What are #digitalthoughts?

During our work we have a lot of discussions that revolve around the digital medium. We discuss about its future, possible opportunities or threats and ways to push the boundaries forward. #digitalthoughts is our way of getting them outside of our head and in front of you. It’s an experiment, a work in progress but we hope that it will make your neurons spark and discussions appear.

If you like our work and have an interesting digital project send us a message and let’s get in touch.

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