(CLOSED) Digital Project Manager (Iasi/Bucharest Office)

You will have the chance to make things different and meaningful. You're going to be part of a senior-coordinated team where together you push the limits to deliver innovative experiences for high profile clients.

This position isn’t available at the moment. If you are interested in this position and if you think you fit the job description, send us your CV at careers@grapefruit.ro. We will keep you in the database and notify you once it will become available.

What you will gain with this new opportunity:

Yes, your focus will be on coordinating a super team and be the ally that our client needs. Therefore you’ll have the liberty (and risks) to experiment, pitch new processes and procedures, propose over-the-top (but tangible) solutions while staying ahead of the competition.

Your role:

Coordinating the implementation of various digital platforms, starting with understanding the business’ problems of our current/new clients and actively contribute to new business efforts by making proposals for specific features/improvements.

Relationships & Hierarchy:

You report to the Management team, and you’ll help coordinate designers, software developers, testers, content editors and various external supplies needed for your projects.


Customer happiness:

  • help to turn opportunities into long-term working relationships and be the ally our clients need;
  • understand your clients’ business and keep an eye on what their competition does or plans to do;
  • keep a close relationship with all existing clients discussing the impact of your projects and any new requests;
  • constantly monitor the happiness level by paying attention to the added value of your projects and work;
  • understand the clients’ problems and find solutions.

Project management: 

  • coordinate projects starting from initial scope, outcomes & feature roadmap including  all releases planned;
  • identify from the start the right activities and deliverables necessary
  • make sure you constantly clarify the clients’ requests with your team;
  • make sure all releases are within the discussed deadline and that they go smoothly every time;
  • prioritize work (Story Level) for your team according to the client’s needs;
  • identify and constantly monitor requests to make sure its new or change request, this way you contribute to budget control;
  • make sure your team is always aware of all details necessary for the implementation and have their information organized using a project management tool available to you;
  • define Acceptance Criteria for all stories on project backlog;
  • work closely with the team leaders to proactively discuss any challenges you face in your project team 
  • collaborate with a designed Account manager regarding project financial, invoicing & billing activities 
  • allocate specialists to project teams & reporting activities/timesheet

Team Happiness: be the ally your team needs.

Additional responsibilities:

  • promote Grapefruit’s values through everything you do;
  • create and implement new ways to increase innovation and efficiency (e.g work procedures);
  • act towards growing Grapefruit as a business, not only your business unit;
  • offer support for projects belonging to other business units;
  • anything else we forgot and is common sense.


Job Requirements:

  • 3+ years in a similar position;
  • excellent English (both written and spoken);
  • project management skills (communication, planning executing);
  • good knowledge of online business, digital projects, and marketing;
  • good knowledge of industry specifics, suppliers, competitors, trends (eCommerce, digital banking, etc.);
  • good knowledge of each phase of building a digital product;
  • basic sales and negotiation skills;
  • university degree in a relevant field.


Our Values:

  • Fairness: you treat everyone (clients, colleagues, suppliers) as you would like them to treat you. You are correct, respectful with everyone and you never lie.
  • Passion: you love what you do—and this makes you tick, find and share new ideas, connect with like-minded people, know the latest trends and never give up following your dreams.
  • A-player: you do everything possible to be the best at what you do, you try to crush the competition, and you actually succeed! Oh, and you don’t settle for being the big fish in a small pond.
  • Pragmatic: never bullshit clients or colleagues or not even your cat
  • Team player: you are the guy who makes his guerilla team win, not a general backed-up by an army. Your style is collaborate & conquer, not control & conquer

If you are interested in this position and if you think you fit the job description, send us your CV at careers@grapefruit.ro.

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