Digital Agency 2.0

Most companies are trying to get as much as they can out of the internet. But that hasn’t always been the case.

We could even say that businesses have been a bit skeptical at the beginning of the internet era. This changed in 1994 when AT&T bought the first digital banner. Since then, nothing will ever be the same again.

First tackled in traditional agencies, the digital field shifted fast to digital agencies. This happened because the tasks were complex and various niches appeared. Traditional agencies could not keep up with the speed of the changes.

At Grapefruit, we seek to find new ways to evolve so we can anticipate the market and grow alongside our business partners. In our opinion, an agency should be focusing on flexibility and versatility. We’ve put this into practice by creating a dynamic team model. Humans are still our essence, but the components of our internal teams are changing weekly based on client needs. We created this model to better react to changes in the market and workload. In digital, context is key and we need the speed to keep up.

Regarding our clients’ objectives, we noticed a bigger shift from marketing towards business. We still get requests for more leads and revenue, but also internal process optimization and automation. This shift is confirmed in the Mckinsey study about the Digitalisation of CEE. From the study, we extracted the top ways in which companies take advantage of the Internet.

Most common of them are:

  • social media and online advertising through which they seek to interact real-time with customers
  • increase process efficiency and automation.

Less flattering results are found in:

  • e-commerce area with a bigger gap cross-border sales
  • advanced analytics for decision making.

In comparing SMEs to large enterprises, we found further differences. The large enterprises have a head start when it comes to processing automation, usage of social media and advanced data analytics. Starting from the insights above, agencies of the future will have to offer different services based on the type of clients they will serve.

Agencies that work with large enterprises, will have to focus on services and products that:

  • improve the e-commerce area, with a focus on international sales
  • provide better solutions and products for analyzing their data to have effective results.

For small and medium-sized companies, agencies will shift the focus on:

  • finding user-friendly solutions for automating and streamlining processes
  • creating advanced analytics products that can work with large quantities of unstructured data. A solution based on artificial intelligence could be a great avenue to explore.

A Digital Agency 2.0 understands that internal development and creation must be balanced with integrating and connecting with external solutions and partners. Our job is to create systems that provide results. The secret consists in combining existing solutions on the market with development and our own creativity.

An ideal Digital agency 2.0, will also concentrate on creating its own product. This happens when experience, gained from working with clients, intersects with market knowledge. This intersection converts naturally into a valuable product. Just as we are integrating other solutions on the market, at Grapefruit we are also developing our own digital products and tools. Most of them are internal, but Picard, a conversational form developed for the banking industry, is available for other partners and clients.

There are only a few ideas about the future of the digital field and its agencies. What we do know, though, is that change is the only constant and as long as the change is integrated into the DNA of an agency, then it continues thriving and performing alongside its business partners and clients.

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