(CLOSED) Digital Account Executive Position Available

Your role is to help solve business problems of our existing or new clients, and actively contribute to new business efforts, client retention and the good implementing of the on-going projects

Digital Account Executive Figure Grapefruit

Relationships & hierarchy

You report to the Digital Account Manager / Project Manager and Management team, and you get involved and help coordinate designers, software engineers, content editors and various external supplies needed for your projects.



Customer happiness: make our clients love working with us; help turn opportunities into long-term working relationships (we have clients who have been with us for 10 years). This includes also digital strategy development for new clients, research & analysis, pitch presentations.

Project management: awesome projects, in time, and profitable.

Financial: track everything; make sure you make clients profitable (even if some projects are less profitable than others).

Other: make the team love you.



Account execution

  • seek opportunities with existing clients;
  • follow-up on leads from other colleagues;
  • understand your client’s business and keep an eye on what their competition does or plans to do;
  • create and present sane business proposals;
  • help create digital strategy proposals, super cool presentations;
  • keep a close relationship with all existing clients.


Customer happiness

  • permanently monitor happiness level;
  • understand client issues and find solutions;
  • measure client happiness every 6 months.


Project management

  • Get involved and help coordinate projects in all its stages;
  • plan, allocate resources, coordinate and deliver top-quality;
  • ensure on-time and on-budget delivery;


Other tasks

  • promote Grapefruit’s values through everything you do;
  • create and implement new ways to increase innovation and efficiency (e.g. work procedures);
  • act towards growing Grapefruit as a business, not only your business unit;
  • offer support for projects belonging to other business units;
  • cooperate with the PR agency and offer full support to promote Grapefruit—written articles, case studies, event presentations etc.
  • anything else we forgot and is common sense.


Evaluating your performance

  1. Projects profitability
  2. Reported monthly, evaluated quarterly: 25% (amount is different for different business units and is set yearly).
  3. Customer happiness
  4. Customers lost: 0 (except customers where the Managing Director decides we should close the contract).
  5. Net Promoter Score: over 50.
  6. Team efficiency
  7. Waste below 20%.
  8. Over 80%, based on quarterly assessments.


Job requirements

Knowledge & skills

  • good knowledge of online business, digital projects and marketing;
  • good knowledge of industry specifics, suppliers, competitors, trends is mandatory if you are involved in product development (e.g. eCommerce, digital banking etc.);
  • basic sales and negotiation skills;
  • project management skills (communication, planning, executing);
  • excellent command of English (written and spoken);
  • proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).



  • University degree in relevant fields;
  • We consider that the best education comes from at least 1 year in a similar position.



  • Fairness: you treat everyone (clients, colleagues, suppliers) as you would like them to treat you. You are correct, respectful with everyone and you never lie.
  • Passion: you love what you do—and this makes you tick, find and share new ideas, connect with like-minded people, know the latest trends and never give up following your dreams.
  • Desire to be No. 1: you do everything possible to be the best at what you do you try to crush the competition, and you actually succeed! Oh, and you don’t settle for being the big fish in a small pond.
  • Pragmatic: never bullshit clients or colleagues or not even your cat.
  • Team player: you are the guy who makes his guerilla team win, not a general backed-up by an army. Your style is collaborate & conquer, not control & conquer.



  • Availability to light travel;


About Us

We are an user experience & digital consulting agency with offices in Iasi and Bucharest. We focus on creating exceptional user experiences based on an optimum mix of functionality, content, usability and branding. We were pioneers of digital marketing and Branding in Romania. Since 2012 we focus exclusively on digital products and projects that have a clear and visible impact in the business performance of our clients.

This position isn’t available at the moment. If you are interested in this position and if you think you fit the job description, send us your CV at careers@grapefruit.ro. We will keep you in the database and notify you once it will become available. 

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