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Business Benefits of Digital User Experience

In this digital age, user experience is no longer an option but a must.

Digital User Experience is the right way to improve your digital services and products

Like it or not, your customers demand more from your company, products and services than ever before. They want to achieve their objective as fast as possible but in a pleasurable and easy way. They want security, reliability but also aesthetics. They want products and services that make them feel special and expect that you will care for their needs and wants.

This is what User Experience is all about.

In this article we present the benefits that your organization and digital products might gain if you choose to focus on User Experience.

What is User Experience ?

The shortest and most reliable definition of User Experience was given by Jakob Nielsen and Donald Norman, fathers of User Experience: “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

An end user is a person that uses a particular product/service.

Usually the end-user is the customer.

Sometimes the end-users might be your employees. For example you buy an application to help your employees communicate better. They are the end users of your purchased product.

Interaction refers to all actions and responses that are happening between the user and your product, company or service. This interaction includes users’ emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological responses, behaviors and accomplishments that occur before, during and after use.

What is Digital User Experience?

Digital User Experience focuses on the interaction that happens between an end-user and a digital product or service. For example, the user experience that your client has when he visits your website.

Why did we use focus instead of only the interaction?

From our work as a User Experience Agency we can tell you that digital and offline are tightly linked. We found ourselves, several times, doing a lot of offline work in order to launch a digital product.

You have 60 seconds to tell me why my business should care about Digital User Experience

Digital User Experience Design is an organized process used to create/improve a digital product or service.

  1. We research your company, your competition and your users.
  2. We then organize the information in a way that makes sense for the end user.
  3. We generate together an idea that makes you, your stakeholders and end-users happy.
  4. We then sketch, design the wireframes and prototype the pages and components of your website/app/platform or other digital idea.
  5. After testing and validating our concept we add visual design.
  6. We implement the design. We test it even more, to be sure that everyone is happy.
  7. Finally we launch it, analyze it, and tweak it till perfection.

If you want to align your business needs with your user needs then Digital User Experience Design is the best process. It takes care of the middle ground between you, the customers and the stakeholders involved.


Four Business Benefits of User Experience

1. Increased customer satisfaction

Seth Godin said “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”.In our User Experience Design Process we use several tools in order to better understand the end-user.

Your customers user experience is your reality. Your product might be very valuable from your perspective, but the only value that he will give is the value that he perceives.

By taking  the user into account we can be sure that we create products and services that fulfill the user’s needs and wants. We should not push a product just because we made it. We should create or improve a product until it will be desired and needed.

2. Increased productivity and client retention

If your objective is to buy a product online then you have some expectations from this experience. You might want to pick a product and pay as fast as possible or you might want to browse, compare or receive recommendations.

Different end-users have different objectives and expectations. Digital User Experience Design helps you discover them. It then shows you opportunities to improve the process.

When we remove barriers in the process and offer guidance, the users will achieve their objectives faster and their productivity will increase. This might translate, depending on your business, in more leads, sales, promotion etc.

Once a user reaches his objectives and gets all his expectations fulfilled he becomes a satisfied client.

Internal productivity and employee retention

Digital User Experience Design can also be applied to internal products. If you have an enterprise app with good user experience then your employees’ productivity will increase. Moreover there will less frustrations starting from the poorly designed user experience.

3. Decreased training and  support costs

Usability is an important part of User Experience. When a product is intuitive and easy to use, the time it takes for a user to become productive is a lot shorter.

For internal digital products this means lower costs for trainings or knowledge management and a lot less procedures and information clutter.

For products and services that you offer to your clients this ease of use will translate in a faster user on-boarding , decreased support costs and an increase in user adoption.

4. Reduced overall costs

If you are reading this article, chances are you might fit in one of the following two categories. You either have a digital product/service or planning to make one.

A.You already have a digital product or service

For the user experience that you offer here are the two important questions to ask yourself:

  1. Can this experience be improved?
  2. Will you and your users benefit from an improved user experience?

If you do not have answers for these questions don’t worry. That is what a User Experience audit is for. We take your product and service and analyze it. We then then offer you the answers for the questions above.

Now how do you save money?

A UX audit shows you what are the changes that will bring the biggest impact for your business and your users. It shows you what works and what doesn’t, what to keep and what to improve.

Before spending a ton of money on a NEW project we advise you ask for a UX audit. You might be surprised that some small tweaks to the existing product or service will bring the results you search for. A full product or service redesign is not always the answer.

If got the UX audit and a whole redesign is needed, then at least we will have a starting point. A whole list of do’s and don’ts that will make your next product outstanding.

B.If you plan on building a product or a service

User experience design is an incremental process. After the research is done and a good idea is extracted the digital product comes to life. First in rough sketches. Then, as feedback is taken and decisions are made, the level of detail will increase. We will have wireframes, mock-ups, prototypes and then a working product.

Because of this incremental process, feedback and opportunities for  big changes are inserted at the very beginning of the process. You can easily decide to insert an app screen when we are in the sketching and wireframing stages. It just means another piece of paper or file.

After we decide on flow the glossy part will come in with mock-ups and prototypes. You can even see the interactions that will happen in your digital product using high fidelity prototypes. Those prototypes can be used later on to test our app on users and receive valuable feedback, even before we start to write the first line of code.

Building a product this way saves you money because:

  • Decisions are made when they cost less;
  • You will not add useless features in your app that your users will never use;
  • You will have the opportunity to offer feedback and get user input even before software development starts. This will tell you if your product will be successful or not.



Products and services are creating user experiences regardless of what we do. It’s your choice if you want to have an active or passive role in this area. By applying user experience design you can improve it. You can help your end-users by increasing their satisfaction and productivity. You can help yourself by increasing user-retention, decreasing support and training costs and even over-all costs.

If you like our work and have an interesting digital project send us a message and let’s get in touch.

We are a Digital User Experience Agency that focuses on creating exceptional user experiences. We like to solve business problems and make people’s lives easier.


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