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Building our newsletter

It's been a while since our monthly newsletter didn't appear in your inbox. This is why we started to think about this issue. Changing our company's main strategic direction (from Brand to Digital) was a challenge. After figuring out the whole digital aspect of our business we decided to bring the newsletter back to life. Below you can read the whole story from ideas to the final result.


Because we have new content to show and tell, the old name was out of sync with what we do now. Therefore a naming process appeared out the blue. It was a funny and engaging experience, where every single Grapefruit team member had a say.
After careful thinking, a lot of laughs and some names that we would never share, “Fresh de Grapefruit” was the chosen one. We liked it because it contains the word “Grapefruit”, which by the way is the name of our digital agency (Captain Obvious speaking here). The dual meaning of the name (new and concentrated information from our company and also the delicious refreshing drink) made us fall in love with it.

What is love?!!! baby don’t hurt me…


The result of our naming exercise
The result of our naming exercise

Logo research

From the start we knew that we wanted to play around with the “fresh” word while keeping the 15-year-old Grapefruit brand consistent. After a lot of coffee cups and several days of research we decided on some styles. Here are some examples we found the most appealing:


First things first: research.
First things first: research.


We used this opportunity to put our lettering skills into action and our imagination at work. We did several sketches on paper and computer and here “comes the sun” of them. This was another fun exercise where we got to tw our design skills


Practice, practice and don
Practice, practice and don’t forget to practice.


The naming was the first part but we also needed a new structure for the newsletter. The first step was gathering the information. Then we met in a casual and pink meeting where we decided on structure, content type, pinksters and the newsletter main scope: more invites at our business and beer (or juice, if applicable) meetings. Here are the main categories we decided to go with:

  • Main article, written in house (yes, including developers);
  • Oh, my Grapefruit! the place where all the office gossip lives and thrives;
  • Scavenging where we share with you different articles and resources that we stumble upon in our daily work and they are worth sharing.
  • Having all this information at hand, we tested a few wireframes and “This is Sparta!!!”. Actually this is the layout that we decided to use.


Early draft of the newsletter
Early draft of the newsletter


After adding colors, style and some Photoshop magic the newsletter started to look like something that we could be proud with.


One the mockups we made for the newsletter.
Getting closer and closer to our final form.

Final result

We really hope you like the new look and feel of the newsletter. We put a lot of “pinkffort” into it and we would appreciate if you would share it with your friends. If you haven’t seen it, subscribe now to get the next issue.

Of course we couldn’t have done it without making it responsive. It’s part of our company culture.

The layout is also responsive.
The layout is also responsive.

P.S. Also any feedback is welcomed and you might just get a beer.

Thank you for your attention and stay tuned. There is a lot more coming.

If you like our work and have an interesting digital project send us a message and let’s get in touch.

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