Automated Santa Claus

Christmas comes alive through AI. It’s every child’s fantasy and we can make it real through conversational chatbots like Picard.

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Kids happen to be more tech savvy, these days. They learn quickly and mobile devices are a must in a modern household. They know their way around tablets and phone operating systems from an early age. Parents buy them games, drawing apps and so on, to keep them occupied and happy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give your kids the experience of writing to a Santa Clause that writes back? A Saint Nicky that can wow them with his story and keep them immersed in this universe of Christmas Holidays?

Father Christmas could be a parent’s best friend. It could find out what a kid wants AND in a preset budget! Of course every kid likes the most expensive toys. But, if you limit the bot to a certain price, it will only show search results that are relevant to your financial capabilities.

It could give them options, so that they don’t wander off for days, looking and searching online. Everybody trusts Santa, right? So, when He recommends a gift, it must be good. Of course, it would be based on the little one’s preferences: is your kid a boy or a girl?Does the tiny prince want a toy car or maybe the delicate princess wants a toutou for ballet? The conversation can go narrower and narrower, from wide options, like “Toys” or “Clothes”, to specific brands and models.

 All this, through a very simple to use app: “Santa writes back”. Based on our Picard Chatbot, Nicky can provide comfortable, fluent and ongoing conversations. Fully automated, it can boost click-through rates and converted leads! And let me share a secret with you: it reduces customer service costs by as much as 30%!

Connected to your e-commerce database, it can work  like a search bar on a website, but it would be responsive, with human-like answers.

Personalization is also a big factor in click-throughs and conversions and you know that Father Claus knows everybody! Conversations are always on a first name basis, with a father-like, protective tone.

Customer reviews? Say no more! He’s heard it all, from other satisfied customers or from little ones that found their presents broken from day one. Santa’s always honest and cannot tell a lie.

Interactive Santa would be a dream and, luckily, it’s within your reach.

Just ask Picard. He’ll tell you.

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