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    • How did companies handle the fast migration of consumers in the digital environment

      The first six months of this year were more transformative and unpredictable than the last two years in terms of digital adoption. Unfortunately, this can also be the first one of economic instability. As discouraging as this sounds, there’s still enough room for courage and playfulness in a way that we can benefit from in the long term. 

      • Digital Banking: Definition, Benefits, and Best Practices

        Banks are affected by digital disruption, they need to act fast to stay relevant and keep their customers’ loyalty.

        • E-commerce product pages: best practices for a complete customer experience

          When we talk about selling online products we all agree that a lot is happening and that we are dealing with a very crowded market. So, if you want your e-commerce website to stand out, read how can you improve your chances to be seen, liked and your products to be added in the shopping cart.

          • Digital Agency 2.0

            Most companies are trying to get as much as they can out of the internet. But that hasn’t always been the case.

            • 20 years of Grapefruit

              Independent digital agency Grapefruit established itself in the Fall of 1999 as a pioneer in the Romanian digital industry.

              • Principles of Grapefruit, Tested and Bug-free

                With the right mix of values and principles, any company can evolve and achieve sustainable growth.

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                How Spark AR can revolutionize advertising

                In the light of new technologies, advertising may become more enjoyable and less disruptive in the digital world.

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                Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram will become one

                There’s a 99% chance that the last message you sent before reading this article was on one of these platforms: Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram.

                • Automated Santa Claus

                  Christmas comes alive through AI. It’s every child’s fantasy and we can make it real through conversational chatbots like Picard.

                  • Business
                  Grapefruit Digital Agency Transparency Report

                  Here we are, a few months into 2018 – a little older and a lot wiser.

                  • Design
                  What if there was an app to help you carol this year?

                  Socializing is a great way to learn new stuff, especially when you gather with your team, drink some beers and start creating concepts.

                  • How is Grapefruit seen through the eyes of an intern?

                    Have you ever thought about getting an internship at Grapefruit, but didn’t know how? In this article, I am going to tell you what method I used to get this internship and how I feel about the whole experience.

                    • Our Photoshop study group

                      A designer’s skills can come in handy in other departments, right? I developed a Photoshop Learning Beginners’ Course for three months, in which a Tester, a Front-end Developer and two Content people participated.

                      • What is persona and why you have to do it?

                        In the following article I will tell you what the persona is, why it is so important, how you do it, what problems you can encounter even when you already have a persona.

                        • Technology
                        The Three Most Notable Things Facebook Just Revealed

                        These are exciting times for technology, with Facebook playing the first fiddle.

                        • Design
                        User Research — 5 creative methods to use when looking for relevant insights

                        ​As a designer, you might be thinking that research falls outside your role. Or, perhaps, that it’s a ‘nice to have’ that you’ll try when you will start working on a project with a loose deadline, or with a bigger budget.

                        • Grapefruit and the digital future of Santa Claus | Grapefruit

                          This Christmas we give you an exclusive interview with the UX agency that could revolutionize Santa’s business! An article by journalist Carol FrostByte

                          • Design
                          Front-end framework for VR prototyping

                          Either we like it or not VR is upon us and it’s here to stay. Although its best uses can be currently found in gaming with potential towards education and health (of course not to forget the porn industry), we cannot overlook the fact that we should start to prototype in VR. It’s a new medium where we can deliver new experiences for users and solve problems in a more immersive fashion.

                          • Beaver Fivăr Game

                            This is the point-of-view story of four gamers who created a game in 24 hours, at the AmberJam gameathon—East European Comic Con May 2016.

                            • Business
                            The Grapefruit recruitment process

                            Recruitment is one of the most complex processes in a company and we are treating it very seriously.

                            • Technology
                            #digitalthoughts — Mobile & Outdoor | Yin & Yang

                            Mobile technology and the outdoors are often viewed as opposites, when in fact they are complementary. This is what can make the difference between a good campaign and a great one.

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                            #digitalthoughts — Explore your digital underdogs

                            Today a lot of digital strategies include Social Media, SEM, Email Automation, a nice website and a decent app. These channels have passed the test of time and ROI.

                            • Santa's cutting edge empire

                              In the beginning it was easy for Santa Claus to deliver his presents. He had a list of naughty kids, good kids, presents and the address for each child.

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                              G" and Flinto for Mac

                              Testing new apps and trying different things, not only office related, is a tradition for every Grapefruit team member. In order to keep this tradition alive, we designed a simple app and used Flinto to prototype the idea. Below you can see our full process.

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                              A Grapefruiteer’s guide to online and offline travel apps

                              You can see the summer holiday all around you…

                              • Design
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                              Redefining our design internship

                              We reignited our internship opportunity and tried something different. Find out how we made the mini game and discover the results.

                              • Business
                              Business Benefits of Digital User Experience

                              In this digital age, user experience is no longer an option but a must.

                              • Design
                              From brief, to flow, to sketch and beyond

                              In March we were invited to attend and speak at Cluj Innovation Days. We talked once again about the whole Telekom experience that we unveiled at WIAD. But that was not all. After the event we got to organize a full UX workshop for the Tech Academy initiative at ClujHub.

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                              Writing for mobile devices.

                              Writing for mobile devices. Three important aspects to take into consideration and some tips on the side.

                              • Design
                              Designing "Killer" Mobile Apps: a prototype story

                              On October 31 – November 1st, me and Ciprian presented and mentored at Design Jam 2014: Autumn edition – a design hackathon held at the Faculty of Computer Science from Iași.

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                              Our Big Bang Theory.

                              Today we celebrate 15 years from our Big Bang. Grapefruit is that group of more than 100 crazy ones that worked and grew here.

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                              Enterprise application that your employees will not hate. A how to story.

                              The time has come. Rushy Worky, VP at a very important fictional company, decides that his company needs a custom enterprise application.

                              • Design
                              Building our newsletter

                              It’s been a while since our monthly newsletter didn’t appear in your inbox. This is why we started to think about this issue. Changing our company’s main strategic direction (from Brand to Digital) was a challenge. After figuring out the whole digital aspect of our business we decided to bring the newsletter back to life. Below you can read the whole story from ideas to the final result.

                              • Business
                              What is Responsive design and how does it help your business ?

                              When we discuss with our clients about web design an inevitable questions appears in the conversation: What is responsive design?

                              • Business
                              World IA Day 2014, Bucharest

                              Let’s talk about information architecture and digital content on February 15, 2014

                              • Design
                              Design Patterns

                              Solutions, Aesthetics and Common Sense.

                              Design patterns represent solutions to problems we meet when creating user interfaces or experiences. We are talking about techniques such as filtering, wizards, pagination, thumbnails, components. Used properly, they can make our life much easier when we get stuck on a design based on a certain flow.

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                              A Content Story for FOCS and Their Friends

                              We know great user experience are created through content, functionality and usability. What we fail to realize is that when neglecting content, the chances to have a successful digital project decrease dramatically. This is a brief story explaining you why this happens and what you can do to avoid such situations.