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Build a resilient marketing strategy in 2021

Chartered Marketers are giving their perspectives on 2021, what digital strategies will thrive and how you can build a resilient marketing strategy.

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The eBook Chartered Marketers’ perspective on building a resilient marketing strategy in 2021came as a response to 2020′ events that brought massive uncertainty to marketers around the world.

It is imperative to stay on top of your strategy in today’s uncertain environment. Read the eBook to learn how to build a resilient strategy and check the Master Checklist at the end of it.

Chapters include:

  1. What we have learned from 2020
  2. Chartered Marketer Perspectives on 2021
  3. Digital marketing strategies that will thrive in 2021
  4. Global trends
  5. Takeaways for your strategy
  6. Discover our contributors
  7. Bonus: Resilient Strategy Checklist

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Our Contributors

Eliza Dirnu, CMktr, Senior Marketing Manager Markets & Growth, RM Group

Helen Christopher, CMktr, Global Marketing Director, Verisk

Jamie Chen, CMktr, Marketing Manager, Velocity Technology Solutions

Jess Robson, CMKtr, Marketing Manager, Qualasept Pharmaxo Holdings Limited

Michael Hughes, CMktr, Head of Portfolio Marketing, King’s College London

Oltea Belciuganu, CMktr, Marketing Director (former), CEC Bank

Samantha Brizzi, CMktr, Account Manager UK & USA, The International Yachting Media

Sue Isles, CMktr, Group Marketing & Data Compliance Manager, Haynes Group


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