Hybrid Work Questions: How easy is it to go to the office after days of working from home?


With the shift to working from home, our lives have all changed. The fact that we can still come to work makes us happy, but it also forces us to switch the comfort of our homes and pyjamas for a nice walk to the office. However, how do we manage to bring the office to life with our laughter and lunches together? Let’s take a look at what motivates us to come to the office.


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What was it like going to the office every day?

Three years ago, our work days were different. We got used to waking up early, getting dressed, grabbing lunch, commuting to the office, grabbing a coffee, and opening our laptops. Work from home was just a benefit that we have a few days a month, but we’ve never thought that in just one year this will change. 

Now, things are a bit different. We get to wake up, have some coffee, maybe squeeze in a workout or playtime with our children, have a nice breakfast, and then start our work day. Or, for some people, it means more sleep.

How did work from home feel like?

Although restrictions have been lifted, we have adopted a hybrid working style as it is the middle ground between our colleagues who prefer working from home and the ones that prefer working from the office. Working remote is still globally preferred, according to recent studies, with 82 percent of employees often choose to work from home. The fact that there can be a balance between personal and professional life, our cats at home are no longer lonely, the kids are always in your sight, and the lunch break can be spent in your own bed are just a few of the reasons why we enjoy working from home.

There is no denying that working from home saves time on the road and, in some cases, money. We can sleep more in the morning, eat dinner right after work, and even do housework during our lunch break, all of that we have integrated into our routine since starting to work from home. Many employees say that working from home is now seen as a factor that reduces daily stress. From the commute to the office, what you wear in the morning, the useful time you use during breaks and most of all, the comforts of home are some of the factors that often tip the balance towards the desire to work from home. 

Taking advantage of hybrid work's flexibility

With all that has been said so far, let me tell you a secret: at some point you get tired of working from home. It becomes a daily routine to be cooped up in the house, between the few walls that surround you, in your comfortable “office” clothes, and with the noise of a neighbor redecorating above. At the same time, routines may have a negative impact on your creativity and productivity. But still, we don’t seem to want to return to the office 100%. What can we do then?

This time it’s no longer a secret, just a truth for us at Grapefruit. Hybrid-style working and the flexibility we enjoy are the best things that can happen in a post-pandemic world. If we want to go to the office, we know for sure that we have other colleagues there with whom we can grab a coffee. If we want to stay at home, we know for sure that we’ll be sitting in a somewhat complete silence (if we ignore our neighbors, of course). If we want to run to the office at lunchtime, we can do that too! How does flexibility sound now?

What motivates us to commute to work?

After a few days of working from home, it can be difficult to get back into the routine of coming to the office. Perhaps shyness, a little anxiety, that snooze button or being out of our comfort zone are some of the reasons we put off going to work in the morning. We know we’ll enjoy catching up with colleagues, spending breaks together or even having lunch in the office kitchen, yet we can’t seem to find the motivation to get out of the house. 

But there’s always a reason for it. As an example, every Wednesday comes with a surprise from the HR department. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast, fruit, vegetables, sweets, or even snacks perfect for work breaks, Alexandra always lures us to the office in the morning with a picture posted on the group, right in the morning. 

That doesn’t mean we only come to the office on Wednesdays, does it? Because we’ve made a rule since the beginning of the lifting of the restrictions. Each day of the week is dedicated to two departments. 

What does that mean? Well, let us explain. On Monday the whole software development team meets at the office, together with the operations team, on Tuesday we find all the digital marketing team at the office, on Wednesday we all get together for the breakfast surprise, and on Thursday we are joined by the marketing and customer success departments. But don’t forget about Friday. Some of our colleagues choose to come into the office on Fridays so that they can stay in town and enjoy the start of the weekend after work. Fortunately, our office is in a central location, close to many terraces and places to relax. Isn’t it nice to get out of work on a Friday night and go out for a cocktail? I believe so.

Let me tell you another good reason. Morning walks to the office, a cup of flavored latte from the coffee shop down the street, maybe even a good sandwich you pick up fresh from your favorite bakery, are other sources of inspiration and energy that can give you a great start to the day. And even if you’re not a coffee or breakfast lover, the simple fact that you’re adding a few more steps into your daily activity report is definitely a big plus for those days when you’re struggling to choose between work from home and work from office.

Having said that, we are grateful for the freedom to decide how we work on a daily basis. And now we have an answer to the question we posed at the outset. What drives us to leave our comfort zones at home and come to work? It’s simple: games during breaks, surprises, good food, laughter, good vibe, and lots of smiles in the office are just a few of the reasons why the team gets together at the office at least once a week. We are excited to have such a program that allows us to balance all of our colleagues’ needs and desires without feeling constrained or excluded.

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