You’ve applied for a job at Grapefruit, now what?

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“I’ve applied at Grapefruit, now what?” might be a question that comes to mind after you hit that „Submit” button. In this article, I’ll be explaining each step of the recruitment process at Grapefruit, their importance, and what you’re supposed to expect from each one.

We have two core principles when it comes to making the right decision regarding recruitment: we’re putting the right people in the right seats and we believe in people, not jobs. Also when it comes to hiring, we make sure that people match our values. 

To find the right pieces for our Grapefruit puzzle, we developed a somewhat complex but rather fun process to ensure that we are choosing what’s best for each side. The recruitment process at Grapefruit consists of four steps, each of them giving us insights about the job candidate and his/her compatibility with Grapefruit’s culture.

Now, don’t think that this will benefit only our side, it will do benefit yours too! With each step, you’ll get to have a sneak peek into how we work, our vibe, our beliefs, and decide if it is best for you as well! 

*Keep in mind that flexibility is one of our strong points. Therefore, we can conduct the interviews offline or online. We’re okay with both, so don’t worry if you can’t come at the office for the interviews.

Now, let’s start from the beginning. You’ve (maybe nervously) hit that Submit button, now what should you expect?

1. Forwarding your CV to the team and processing it

While it’s not necessarily a step you have to actively participate in, we’ll be starting with the moment you’ve sent your CV to us, thus beginning the journey of the recruitment process at Grapefruit. Once you’ve sent it, we’ll forward it to the specific team you’re applying to. It may not happen instantly, especially if you send it at 11 pm, haha, but we will do so once we get back at the office the next morning. 

If the team decides your skills match what they need, they’ll come back to HR with a list of people to contact further for the “Get to know each other” interview. This happens in less than a week, so don’t worry, it won’t take long! 

Recruitment Process at Grapefruit: CV submission

2. Getting to know each other, or “the coffee/tea meeting”

Participants: HR specialist, job candidate & Team Leader. 

*Note that sometimes the Team Leader might not be present at first, especially if there’s a client emergency, but you’ll get to catch up, no worries! 

This meeting is exactly as we called it: a coffee/tea meeting where you get to know us and we get to know you! We’ll love to hear your story, how you started, what you’re passionate about, and other amazing things about you. In turn, we’re ready to answer any questions from your side! Structure, culture, clients, way of working, team, projects, just shoot your questions and we’ll be more than happy to answer them!

After this meeting, we’ll be creating a shortlist of candidates, by “we” I’m referring to the HR specialist and the Team Leader. If you’re on the shortlist, you’ll be contacted via either email or phone and receive your technical test along with a deadline until you can submit it.

Second step: Getting to know each other

3. The technical test

The technical test is created and tailored to the knowledge we need our next colleague to have. About 90% of this technical test reflects the job itself, what you’re supposed to do if you’ll be hired. Through it, we’re trying to reflect the reality of the job itself, just so you can decide if you like and want this job. The scenarios, campaigns, “clients” and tasks are completely fictive just so you will feel comfortable giving your 100% without worrying your work might be used for other intentions. 

Now, don’t worry if you don’t really know how to do some particular tasks or are nervous about others. Complete it and give it the most you’ve got, and if you have any questions, you can always call/email the Team Leader so they can clarify.

After you submit the test and we see the potential you have, we’ll establish the structured interview.

4. The Structured interview, or "The Coffee with a Sprinkle of Feedback

Participants: HR specialist, job candidate, and Team Leader.

*Note that sometimes the Team Leader might not be present at first, especially if there’s a client emergency, but you’ll get to catch up, no worries! 

Now you’ve gone through half of our recruitment process at Grapefruit, congratulations!

This step is truly important to us, as we’ll have an idea of how you work and you’ll have an idea of what the job requires. In the first part of the interview, we’ll be discussing the obstacles you’ve faced while completing the test, how you’ve overcome these obstacles and we will give you feedback on the good parts and where we believe there’s room for improvements. 

In the second part of this interview, the HR specialist steps in with a set of questions that would outline your behavioral tendencies. The questions contain hypothetical situations and your answers weigh a good deal, as we’re able to determine the level of compatibility between you and the team. From our experience, as compatible as a candidate is with our team, values, and principles, as more value he/she can add to the company.

5. *Psychological interview

There’s not always the case for psychological interviews, we usually conduct these for: Senior, Team Leader, Account Management, or Project Management positions.

But if we aren’t sure of the compatibility you’ll have with the team, we will go forward and invite you to the psychological interview. However, there’s no need to worry about it, it isn’t a bad sign, it’s just getting to know you better!

You’ll be interviewed by our personal development and team integration collaborator, with a set of behavioral questions. After this specific step, our collaborator can identify a series of patterns and better understand your profile and your level of compatibility between you and the team. 

This step will be helping us in managing possible sensitive situations in a healthy manner, taking your personality into consideration. For example, we will be able to understand that you may have a tendency to take negative feedback at a personal level so we have to be careful how we’re delivering it to you. Or that under pressure you may not work at full capacity and will need a bit of help, and other similar insights.

6. The financial offer

The last step of Grapefruit’s recruitment process is the financial offer. Yes, it may seem weird we’ve put it as the last part, but there are two reasons for this.

First, after the technical test and interviews are conducted, we will be able to pinpoint your seniority level. Each seniority level has a specific salary grid, and we need to make sure we get it right. So, for example, if you are middle level, but applying for a junior position, we’ll know that you’re middle and give you the correct salary grid rather than being underpaid. 

The second is that we want to see how you are as a person, without any biases or influences. Most times, if people already know the financial offer, they might change their behavior in order to get the job or treat it with indifference, wasting both the employer’s and their time. 

When we’re searching for new colleagues we want to see their unbiased behavior, how they think, how they work, and how awesome they are!

When it comes to our financial offers, all we can say is that we’re constantly participating in market studies and reviewing our salaries to ensure that they match the market. Moreso, if you become our colleague, don’t ever think that you’ll be stagnating. We have a transparent and well-established learning environment, based on seniority principles. Each year we’re reviewing and promoting our colleagues to the next level of seniority, which, of course, comes with more responsibilities and financial benefits as well.

If you want to learn more about our seniority principles, how we conduct our evaluation and how we create our learning plans, check out our article here


Now here you have it, here’s our recipe for building a great, passionate, and well-knit team. Each individual in Grapefruit puts all passion and knowledge into their work, and they do it together to deliver the best results. We are all working towards the same objectives, even if they are strictly on a professional level (being the best in our field), or if they are team-related ones (to deliver the best possible product for our client). Each one of us is an essential part of our Grapefruit puzzle, so we’re continuously searching for the right people in the right seats. 

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