Grapefruit’s Recruitment Process

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Humans have always been the essence of Grapefruit, so we are investing attention, time, and patience in our recruitment process to make the best decision for our team.

 We have two core principles when it comes to making the right decision regarding recruitment: we’re putting the right people in the right seats and we believe in people, not jobs. Also when it comes to hiring, we make sure that people match with our values: passion, accountability, fairness, pragmatism, and a team of A-players. 

To find the right pieces for our Grapefruit puzzle, we developed a complex process to ensure that we are choosing what’s best for each side. Our recruitment process consists of five mandatory stages, each of them giving us insights about the job candidate and his/her compatibility with Grapefruit’s culture.

1. A meeting where we get to know each other

The participants are the job candidate, HR specialist, and the department’s Team Leader. During the first part of this meeting, we are telling the job candidate more about us: our culture, our values & principles, projects, clients, structure, and we’re presenting the next steps of the recruitment process. It’s just a relaxed conversation in which we get to know each other better. The Team Leader’s input is to explain what the job consists of on a technical level (requirements, technologies, etc.). He also starts a conversation so the candidate’s grade of technical knowledge can be determined for the next step. 

2. The technical test

 It is usually sent via email along with a deadline, but there are also situations in which it has to be taken here, at one of the Grapefruit offices. Any questions or concerns will be discussed with the Team Leader directly via phone or email. About 90% of this test reflects the job itself, what is the job candidate supposed to do as tasks if he’s/she’s hired. Through this test, we’re trying to reflect the reality of the job itself.

3. A structured interview

This is one of the most important stages for us. The candidate can understand the way we work, and we’re getting an idea of how he/she works, and we’re able to create an outline of the candidate’s profile. In the first part of the interview, we are discussing the obstacles the candidate met during the test completion, how he/she found a specific solution, what would be changed if the test would be retaken, and how much time was scheduled for the test. 

Also, in this part, we’re trying to find similarities between the Grapefruit’s job requirements and previous jobs the candidate had. In the second part, the HR specialist steps in with a set of questions that would outline the behavior tendencies of the candidate. The questions contain hypothetical situations and the candidate’s answers weight a good deal as we’re able to determine the level of compatibility between the team and him/her. From our experience, as compatible as a candidate is with our team, values, and principles, as more value he/she can add to the company.

4. A set of behavioral questions, validated by our personal development and team integration collaborator

After this specific step, our collaborator can identify a series of patterns and better understand the candidate’s profile and his/her level of compatibility between him/her and the team. This step helps us in managing possible sensitive situations with our new colleague in a healthy manner, taking his/her personality into consideration. For example, we will be able to understand that he/she may have a tendency to take negative feedback at a personal level, that under pressure he/she may not work properly or other similar insights.

5. The financial offer and meeting the direct team

In this stage we are presenting the financial offer and the candidate can meet his/her direct team with whom he/she’ll work with. 

Here’s our recipe for building a great, passionate, and close team. Each individual in Grapefruit puts all passion and knowledge in their work, and they do it together to deliver the best results. We are all working towards the same objectives, even if they are strictly on a professional level (being the best in our field), even if they are team-related ones (to deliver the best possible product for our client).


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