Grapefruit Digital Agency Transparency Report 2018

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grapefruit 2018 report infographic

The past year has been one of tremendous importance for Grapefruit. We started new projects, grew our team, established a new department and came up with brand new positions. In this transparency report, we have outlined how we fared throughout 2017 and the lessons we are taking with us in 2018 for you.

Customer growth

In 2017, the percentage of pitches we won went up to 71% and brought us 8 new clients. This raised our client number to 16. We also saw great variety in the industries that we work with: Banking, EnergyReal-estate and FMCG, to name a few.

Value proposition

Technology and digital are ever-changing fields. So we committed to provide excellent services to our clients and adapting to new needs and pains. The first step towards this was establishing a new department within the agency. And that was the Social Media department. We also analyzed the workflow between our teams, the Project Managers, and our clients. Afterward, we came up with a new position: the Delivery Manager. The individual who filled in this position has years of experience in IT and Project Management. In the months he has been here, he shined a new light on our internal workflow.
These decisions came after the Leadership Team kept analyzing our agency from all points. Our Leadership Team is an in-house group of people. They worked together with an external consultant to improve the processes within the agency.

Great employer

To keep up with all the rapid digital changes and to make sure that we delivered the best performance each time. In 2017 we grew our team with 10 new people. They were each chosen by using an intricate recruitment process. This way, we made sure that they were the perfect fit for us, and this also brought up our retention rate to 86%.
But being a great employer comes from more than positive figures on a spreadsheet. Following a questionnaire of almost 700 people, named us the company with the best image amongst employees. We also pride ourselves on our learning opportunities, our transparency, and our employer/employee relationship.

Let's talk numbers

When it came down to the company numbers, we were able to see incredible growth. This reflected all the work we put into our projects over the course of 2017. Thus, our turnover saw a 43% growth and our company’s profit saw an increase of 58%.

Giving back to the community

Grapefruit is committed to being ahead of the digital game, which is what has allowed us to build a foundation and a community for the tech-savvy. Digital Marketing Meetup took off in 2017 and it was a place where those interested in technology and digital business solutions could meet up and learn from experts in the field. On the same note, we also organized UX Meetups in Iasi, as well as training sessions for students.

Sharing the success

With over 100 public appearances over the course of 2017 in conferences, workshops and articles, you most likely met us at some of the events you attended – or even spotted us in a Medium newsletter.

So what do we take away from all this? For Grapefruit, 2017 was a year of growth and clarity, and this is a journey that will continue well into 2018. After all, coming up with new ways to provide better services for our clients continues to be the goal for all our hard work.

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