Explore your digital underdogs

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Today, every digital strategy includes Social Media, SEM, Email Automation, features on a website, and eventually a mobile app or a progressive web app. These channels passed the test of time and ROI and we can find them in every digital strategy of any company.

Since everyone is using these channels in their strategies, which means you are marketing your product in a crowded environment. But people tend to forget the fact that these channels weren’t as big as they are now, they all began somewhere. The big players today weren’t as essential in the past as they are now. To see which channels will be the players of tomorrow and if it’s worth your time, make a list of emerging digital channels you don’t use at the moment. The reasons for them might vary between: audiences are too small, customers are not using them, it’s too advanced for your company and so on.

If you were to just a few years in the future, try to see how all those channels and your business will evolve:

The underdogs of today might become the big players of tomorrow. You have two options when it comes to these underdogs: either you wait for it to grow, either you decide to grow along with it and profit when the exponential growth occurs. 

Who is your digital underdog? What is your marketing plan for the future?

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