E-commerce product pages: best practices for a complete customer experience

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When we talk about selling online products we all agree that a lot is happening and that we are dealing with a very crowded market. So, if you want your e-commerce website to stand out, read how can you improve your chances to be seen, liked and your products to be added in the shopping cart.

Why are product titles and descriptions so important?

It is simple: because people use them to decide if they want to buy your products or not. Investing in writing your unique product titles and product descriptions will be certainly time-consuming, but in the end, all this effort will be worth it. Why? Because maybe your products will appear in google’s first page results, your users will find easily what they want and finally, your sales will increase.

Words can impact your customer engagement, conversion, and loyalty. First of all, you write for people, for your persona, even in the product description.

So, buckle up and read this article if you want to discover how to write your product title & what are pieces of information categories that you will want to put on a product page.

How do you make a product title for e-commerce?

Components that you may have in your title

See some examples grouped in categories:

Electronics (washing machine)

House Deco (bed sheets)

Tech (smartphone)


Video Games

Laptops and Desktops

Some rules for writing your e-commerce products titles

Product description components

Components that you may have in your description

Keep these rules in mind when you make your product description

See our e-commerce page structure

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