Smaranda Hrițcu

Front-End Developer

Smaranda finished the Computer Science University in Iasi, during witch time she found her passion for front-end development. She has more than 4 years of Front-End experience and uses technologies such as HTML,CSS, Javascript, JQuery and PHP.

She likes taking fresh designs and transforming them in beautiful, interactive websites. She believes in continuous learning and that’s why she is studying now more about SEO and Pagespeed.Plus, she is keen on discovering new Javascript and Laravel skills.

If you get to meet Smaranda, you’ll definately describe her as super organized. From designing a placement system for the stuff on her desk to planning out her trips way in advance. She believes it makes her life easier and allows her to focus on important things. Plus, the vacations are always amazing this way!

On a different side, Smaranda is a kind and very cheerful person, with a great sense of humor. She can turn even a dull day into a fun time. Once you get to know her a little, you realize she is a team player and it’s a pleasure to work with her. She is a strong person, who believes in fairness and will tell you when you are wrong. In a very polite way.

As a true Capricorn, she has a lot of determination and will stay true to a cause that she believes in. Other hobbies of hers include reading, movies and sports. She likes to spend her spare time outdoors, taking walks, or riding a bike.

She likes to tackle challenges, such as creating website animations with jQuery and CSS. Her inspirational motto is “you can make really awesome things if you try”. It is what she applies in her work and way of being every day.