Marian Chirnoagă

Delivery Performance Manager

Ambitious and optimistic in adopting agile practices both in real life and professionally, Marian is a lover of small and frequent breaks and a supporter of the power of small wins strategy. His continuous improvement is a result of his curiosity and his desire to try new things, to praise the success and learn from failures.

Marian started his IT experience at the age of 20 as a part-time IT consultant for hardware configuration. He graduated the Computer Science faculty driven only by the love for computers and without a clear goal in mind. He started managing infrastructure projects, afterwards focused on delivery as a service. The developer background helped him cover many different roles and projects, from a Junior Developer to Team Leader, Project Manager and Service Manager.

He is now filling the newly created role of Delivery Performance Manager at Grapefruit. With more than 7 years of experience in management of IT projects, it is clear to him that you cannot manage what you don’t know & understand. One methodology is often not enough to be able to deliver, but he is able to adapt, to use his knowledge and experience to help the team in finding the way to go. Mixing technical skills with soft skills helps him deliver according to deadlines, while his focus remains on the team and its needs.

He is sure that the goal is for a team to function smoothly without him being present all the time, as he can be late sometimes. But, as we all know: “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.”