Loredana Constantin

Content Marketer

After starting the Computer Science faculty in Iasi, Loredana thought she would become an IT-ist in a multi-national company. Working as a volunteer has helped her discover herself and she realized that Marketing called louder than the IT domain.

She is self-taught and has collaborated in promoting several events and festivals. These experience have helped her understand many online and offline marketing processes.

Professionally, she worked for over one year in an Online Marketing agency full time and a HR agency part time. She has considered moving to Bucharest to enjoy the opportunities, but realized she could support the local community much better by staying in Iasi.

Lore is a the kind of girl you can put in all your trust. She is devoted to the causes she believes in and enjoys taking the lead and assuming responsibility. She leads with the heart and care for the others and just enough authority you need to keep motivated. With such an open heart no wonder she has hundreds of friends and connections allover the country.

At Grapefruit she found exactly what she was looking for: a team with great vibe and challenging projects. In her spare time, she keeps up the volunteering work for local events, training in communication, promoting and sales for students’ associations.