Gabriela Ivașcu

Front-End Developer

Gabriela is currently in her last year of studies at the Computer Science University in Iasi after she developed a passion for this subject from her earlier high-school years. Now, she finds herself at the beginning of a challenging and beautiful front-end development career.

She has a great love for designs, always looking for those beauty elements, colors, fonts, and shapes which together can express a clear idea in harmony. Nevertheless, lately, she grew a bigger interest in JavaScript and Node.js which seems to shape an important path of her future in this field of activity.
If you will have the chance to meet Gabriela, you will see that she is a very kind person and even though she might seem a little bit shy, once you have the opportunity to get to know her better, you will find a really nice company.

At the same time, she likes to stay focused while working in order to be very efficient with her tasks, as she can always find something new to help her be more “perfect”. Even though she is at the beginning of her career, she is ready to take new challenges that will help her develop both professionally and personally.