Eva Năstruț

Content Editor

Eva started to have a thing for literature, writing, and a world ruled by the laws of freedom of thought and autheticity when she started reading an English novel from the Victorian Era at an early age (7th grade).

Ever since then, Eva is a happy being with an overflowing imagination, always obsessed with innovation and passionate about playing with words and ideas of all sorts.

After finishing her studies in languages and World literture, she accepted the challenge to work in the field of digital. The attention grabber – contributing to the development of her home town and country: a digital product that allowed citizens to better organize themselves in local communities.

Now she’s all into digital marketing, SEO and content writing. Occasionally, she’s a contributor to various blogs in the digital industry.

Although she’s a grown-up, Disney is where her heart is. Eva’s known for being a restless cyclist, board game aficionado, and she’s head over heels for reading, cooking, and listening to swing music.

After living in Portugal for a while, she’s really experiencing saudade.