Cosmina Damian

Digital Project Manager

The digital world is the right place for Cosmina, her imaginarium of future and technology, where limits are beyond dreams and dreams are far beyond present.

She believes that Project Management applies to real Life as well as common sense and empathy should apply to Project Management. And they both are forever bound to Digital.

She graduated Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Bucharest University, with a bachelor degree in Advertising and Public Relations when Netscape Composer was the highest standard for websites and the dialup connection was the local gate to the virtual universe.

How come that PR and Digital got together in this story? Maybe it all started a long time ago, when she decided that she must have some math and logical background between the books she read and words she spoke – was it the fifth grade or earlier? Who can remember…

She still enjoys SF literature and folk music (better, in the same time) and she reads with the same enthusiasm the digital trend articles as she watches “oldies but goldies movies”. “As Time Goes By”, she says that all around a person should be complex and mirror their beliefs and emotions, from family to work. We are too precious as humans to live otherwise.

She is the mother of two amazing girls and that’s why she likes family time above all. Cosmina appreciates good humor, enjoys reading books and watching good movies and she believes that decency and common sense are required even in the digital field.