Bianca Ciobanu

Content Marketer

Bianca is a very curious person that doesn’t hesitate to step out of her comfort zone. She sometimes may seem tough, but she’s a very sensible, friendly, energetic and talkative person.
She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Iasi; she’s very passionate about planes, spirituality, experiencing new places and cultures. When travelling, you’ll never find her in a museum, but you’ll see her eating local street food or talking with a local.

Bianca is a Content Editor at Grapefruit. She is very passionate about everything she does, especially when it involves creation. She loves being proactive and she hates doing nothing. When you need a bit of help, she’s the person you can count on to get it done in less than no time.
Before Grapefruit, she wanted to work abroad but life kept her in Iasi where she did Sales, Social media and Content Strategy/Editing. Because she likes improving herself and work in a challenging environment with people from whom she can learn, Bianca conquered her fears and decided to apply to be part of the Grapefruit team.
She has a hunger for discovering and learning new things, she loves getting involved in social events or activities, she likes being surrounded by people, and her biggest dream is to become an entrepreneur that makes good for the ones in need.