Alina Bojescu

Content Editor

Growing up, Alina was passionate about stories, in all shapes and sizes – so she went on to find out how stories get made and how they come to be loved, by doing a publishing degree. And now she’s trying to find those stories in the digital medium.

Alina is a Content Editor at Grapefruit, which allows her to do a little bit of everything. Unsurprisingly, she thinks of editing as a defining personality feature for herself, having pursued various means to improve these skills, from a job at an online fashion and culture magazine to writing a daily zodiac as a freelancer.

If you talk to her for more than a few minutes, you’ll notice how she sneakily adds in book or magazine trivia, or at least the occasional nod to pop culture. This is because she graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Publishing Media degree and is a little bit in love with books and magazines – and not just when it comes to what is inside of them, as she can pinpoint a binding style right as she picks up a book. She has also lived in Amsterdam for nearly a year during her studies, which means that no amount of traveling or change can be intimidating to her. In fact, she thrives on the big changes in her life.

Alina is also defined by a fondness of birds and games, though she would hardly call herself a gamer. In her spare time, she likes to do a mismatch of things and activities, as she is always finding new things to learn or to invest time in. These things include getting into the most cliché Netflix shows, listening to podcasts, playing boardgames and trying (but failing) to dive into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.