(CLOSED)Digital Strategist Bucharest

As a Digital Strategist you will have the power to change the industry’s mindset and perspective.

You will have a significant role in our mission to grow a healthy mentality in the romanian digital market—a mentality dedicated to balance both customer needs and business objectives.

What you will gain with this new opportunity

You will have the chance to make things different and meaningful. You will be part of a senior-coordinated team where together you push the limits to deliver innovative experiences for high profile clients. Yes, your focus will be on innovation therefore you’ll have the liberty (and risks :D) to experiment, pitch new technologies, propose and sell over-the-top (but tangible) solutions, while staying ahead of the competition.

The mission of the digital strategist is to help our clients craft the strategic direction for how they will leverage digital technology to achieve their business goals. He has to:

  • Build a deep understanding of our client’s business;
  • Research and identify their business challenges and opportunities;
  • Define and articulate their goals;
  • Set a vision and path forward to reach their desired outcomes.

Digital Strategists work by proactively exploring ideas for how to maximize our clients’ investment in digital and deliver value to both the business and their intended audience. They understand what clients are trying to achieve and work with them to ensure the success of their projects. ​The Digital Strategist is a thought leader, identifying and educating our clients and internal teams on industry best practices, market trends, and new opportunities for innovation.


Customer happiness

Make our clients love working with us. Help turn opportunities into long-term working relationships (we have clients who have been with us for 10 years). This also includes digital strategy development for new clients, research & analysis, pitch presentations.

Conduct research into our clients business, markets, and intended audiences/users to identify goals, needs, and opportunities.

Develop innovative approaches to solving business needs that align with our clients’ goals, values, and capacity.

Identify opportunities with both existing and prospective clients.

Product development

We need someone who can think and develop a project end-to-end with the team, from idea to final result, not just a “controller”.

Produce high-level plans for the execution of strategies, including technology, content, process, service, and resource needs.

Team development

Help your team grow, learn more, become better and be united and passionate.

Work collaboratively with Experience, Design, Value Delivery and Development teams to oversee the implementation of strategies, ensuring products we build map to our client’s business goals.


Make the team love you.

Maintain a working understanding of key technologies and products used in our delivery process.

Educate and inspire clients about best practices and emerging trends.

Job requirements Knowledge & skills

  • strong knowledge of online business, digital projects and marketing;
  • strong knowledge of industry specifics, suppliers, competitors, trends is mandatory if you are involved in product development and new technologies (e.g. VR, AR, digital banking etc.);
  • demonstrated experience communicating broad strategic initiatives to key stakeholders, especially senior leadership within organizations.
  • excellent communications and organizational skills;
  • excellent public speaking and presentation skills; sales and negotiation skills;
  • ability to work in cross-functional teams in high pressure situations;
  • the ability to stay motivated and honor deadlines in a fast paced environment without direct supervision;
  • ability to analyze qualitative and quantitative data, producing key insights that will drive business decisions;
  • excellent command of English (written and spoken);
  • proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


  • Fairness​: you treat everyone (clients, colleagues, suppliers) as you would like them to treat you. You are correct, respectful with everyone and you never lie.
  • Passion​: you love what you do—and this makes you tick, find and share new ideas, connect with like-minded people, know the latest trends and never give up following your dreams.
  • Desire to be No. 1​: you do everything possible to be the best at what you do you try to crush the competition, and you actually succeed! Oh, and you don’t settle for being the big fish in a small pond.
  • Pragmatic​: never bullshit clients or colleagues or not even your cat.
  • Team player​: you are the guy who makes his guerilla team win, not a general backed-up by an army. Your style is collaborate & conquer, not control & conquer.


  • Availability to travel.


If you fit the decription send us your CV and whatever you think might help us make a decision at anca.teletin@grapefruit.ro.

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