(OPEN) Digital Account Manager position available in Bucharest

We’re looking for a Digital Account Manager to maximize the value of a Grapefruit.

Why is this job meaningful for you?

As a Digital Account Manager, you will be the leader that maximizes the value of a Grapefruit – Client Relationship. You will do this by solving business needs through the deployment of various digital projects, crafted by the associated Delivery Team.

What will you gain with this new opportunity?

You will be part of one of the most innovative companies based in Iasi, with cross-learning and team growth at its core — a reality established by our commitment and effort to solve the business challenges of our clients.

The Digital Account Manager we deserve will do this by exercising authority in:

  • managing project scope from idea to completion, working with both the Customer representatives and the Delivery Team;
  • up-sell and grow Customer Relationships through continuous effort spent on understanding their business needs and offering solutions;
  • managing budgets and billing associated to their Customer Relationships;
  • maximising each Client Relationship Net Promoter Score.

The Digital Account Manager will be part of Grapefruit’s Customer Success Team, and will work in our cozy offices in Iasi or Bucharest.

We hire based on our Values:

  • Fairness​: you treat everyone (clients, colleagues, suppliers) as you would like them to treat you. You are correct, respectful with everyone and you never lie.
  • Passion​: you love what you do—and this makes you tick, find and share new ideas, connect with like-minded people, know the latest trends and never give up following your dreams.
  • Pragmatic​: never bullshit clients or colleagues or not even your cat.
  • Team player​: you are the guy who makes his guerilla team win, not a general backed-up by an army. Your style is collaborate & conquer, not control & conquer.

Other Requirements

Mandatory Experience

  • Building great professional relationships;
  • Digital Account Management – delivering quality online projects on time and on budget;
  • Management of small to medium sized software delivery teams (designers, software engineers, content editors and various external supplies);
  • Simple financial management;
  • Excellent English (written and spoken);
  • Proficiency with the Project Management tool of your choice, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Google Drive (Sheets, Docs, Slides).
  • At least 5 years relevant experience in a similar position.

Ideal Experience

  • Agile software delivery practices, with a focus on online business and digital projects;
  • Direct sales;
  • Digital marketing;
  • Quality Assurance practices, with a focus on online business and digital projects;
  • University degree in relevant fields;
  • Experience with the Atlassian product suite;
  • 7 years relevant experience in a similar position.


  • Excellent communications and organizational skills;
  • Ability to work in cross-functional teams in high pressure situations;
  • The ability to stay motivated and honor deadlines in a fast-paced environment without direct supervision.


  • Coordinate with the Delivery Performance Manager to plan each current/upcoming project;
  • Help the project teams understand the client expectations and project scope in order for them to provide a high-quality service;
  • Negotiate project scope with the client and delivery team so that you find the optimal and technically realistic solution to solve the client’s need;
  • Propose solutions to optimize processes and procedures in order to increase productivity and delivery quality;
  • Support a healthy meeting rhythm for the delivery teams and client interactions;
  • Plan, organize, lead and deliver new idea or project presentations focusing on growing our business with a specific client;
  • You have a key role in the success of projects and initiatives of all sizes. You decide the whole process with the client and team;
  • You can write functional specs, user stories, acceptance criteria for complex projects;
  • Overcome communication gap between client and delivery team;
  • Collaborate with PR and offer full support to promote Grapefruit—written articles, case studies, event presentations etc;
  • Travel as needed to meet our clients face-to-face;
  • Make the client and delivery team love working with you, while/by doing all of this;
  • Will work very close with Delivery Performance Manager and Project Managers and will report to Customer Success Manager;
  • During the recruitment process, you have the ultimate call when it comes to hiring (or not) a new colleague to the PM team.
  • You coach and grow all members of the PM team. You make and use a detailed growth plan for colleagues to polish their skills.

 If you fit the job send us your CV and porfolio at: anca.teletin@grapefruit.ro

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